Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Daily Happiness Comittment: Inspirational Readings

When I was a little girl, my father bought me the whole collection of Joha's stories (جحا an Arabic fictional legendary figure who was famous for his anecdotes). I kept the collection, my little treasure, in a box. Every time I read a story, I made sure that I put it back into the box and I was counting them every night before I sleep. Sometimes, I feel that reading is in my DNA:) . I love books and libraries; just seeing a lot of books brings joy into my soul. However, throughout time I have become a selective reader. I choose what to read and plan for that. Reading too much is not my target; I don't want to fall a victim of information overload. It is more interesting for me to read slowly and get moved by what I read; to practise an idea is better than to read millions of ideas without moving forward.

I choose to read on a daily basis. And I guess my perfect reading routine is one book a week (If I don't consider reading for a specific purpose). Further, I enjoy reading articles, news items, reports, opinions...

For news, according to some surveys The New York Times is the most visited news site; I personally like to visit the site from time to time and check the headlines but most likely to read the opinion section. (My graduation research dealt with analysing opinion articles published in the New York Times site discussing the financial crisis). Still, my favourite news site is The Independent. When I surf the site, I feel that I am holding the newspaper between my hands. I don’t know what is the most special thing about it; maybe its long classical articles or its layout; but there is something about the Independent, I can smell the ink. Robert Fisk reports and opinion articles are the best.

In French, my favourite is Le Courrier International, I used to buy it frequently. Le Courrier International translates selected opinion articles into French. Therefore, you have the opportunity to read Der Spiegel (Germany), El Periódico de Catalunya(Spain), Mainichi Shimbun ( Japon) and definitely more without any language classes obligation. I also read Le Monde; that is classic. I don’t question it, I automatically like to read Le Monde.

I love to check some blogs too. I like ThinkSimpleNow I love many articles there. One of my favourite articles is Design your life. Aliventures is a great blog too especially that the writer did realize a dream similar to mine making a living writing. Dumb Little Man is a very interesting blog too, where different writers share their knowledge and motivational ideas. A Daring Adventure is a blog that I have come acroos lately and I like reading it. The common thing about all these blogs is that they are discussing ideas and tips to make life better and more enjoyable.

Life Changing readings:

If I have to make a list of books that have changed my life, The Secret will come on the top. Reading it was a life changing experience. I felt so motivated, inspired and literally 'the world is mine' moodJ

One of the great e-books that has an impact on my life too was How to be Happy and have Fun Changing the Wolrd; it is a very great e-book that is freely available online you can download it and enjoy reading it.

My Current Readings:

*Books: I am currently reading a phenomenal book : The Power of Now: A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment.

*Articles: One article a day from ThinkSimpleNow blog and other blogs.

Making Reading A Habit:

Reading is already a habit for me. Yet, many people don’t read (especially in the Arab World). Committing to a reading schedule requires a welling and awareness of how much reading is beneficial. During a busy day, we are not likely going to consider time for reading, however reading time should be sacred. You can start by 20 minutes a day till you reach an hour. An hour reading a day is extremely enough if you are a very busy person. Only through time reading will become a habit. Unfortunately, some researches claim that only until the age of 12 parents could help their children develop a reading habit, after that it is quite difficult to do. Still, you can educate yourself at any age. In addition to any reading choices you make; add some inspirational and motivational reading to your schedule. Mind’s fuel is thoughts; when you read positively you feed your mind with positive thoughts and what will happen your mind will develop more positive thoughts. Everything you read will become useful sooner or later. You won't start reading, if you don't decide to do.

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