Friday, May 28, 2010

“Così fan tutte” Took My Breath Away!

Orchestre Symphonique Tunisien performed an angelic concert yesterday. As usually, their beautiful performance makes me dance with stars. Nothing could compete with classic music. It has a special magic and you could never ever leave the place as you entered.

The municipal theater - built by Italian artists- in the heart of the most alive avenue in Tunis; Avenue ElHabib Bourguiba, still cheer my eyes and soul every time I enter there. I was early as usual and I looked for my sit. After a while, members of the Orchestra started to enter. That is the last thing I remember, and nothing else but my eyes full of tears and my heart taken away. They started to play "Così fan tutte" . And if my heart was taken away, it might be Mozart, we have something special me and him we just connect somehow. Every time I say I just love this music, I discover it was composed by Mozart. "Così fan tutte", literally means "Thus do all [women]" but it is often simplified to "Women are like that"1. It is composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, yet the libretto was written by Lorenzo Da Ponte.

The maestro this time was not Ahmed Achour as we used to. He was Sem Slimane. Personally, I could not take my eyes away from him. He had a special involvement and determination. The soloists were beautiful. The first one played violin with Mihaela Mami who is originally Romanian but has the Tunisian nationality. She usually plays with the orchestra but this time she played with Mourad Frini. As usually, nothing is nostalgic or profound than the sound of violin.

However, the piano has its own magic too. When the piano entered the scene, everybody was cheering. The sound of piano is very special too. Todor Petrov was going to play on it. I have seen him play before. His tiny shape was cute in front of the huge instrument, but the soft and hard compositions he was playing were marvelous. In a moment or too during his performance, I closed my eyes, and just flew within.

The whole 1h and 30 min was amazing. When I left, my mom and dad were waiting for me, I did say nothing. Unusually, I did not start to describe how great was it or how much fun I had. I just kept silent, I just wanted to keep that feeling and that experience alive. Words would ruin it. “Così fan tutte” was the most enjoyable one but the whole performance made me speechless. Maybe I enjoyed watching my breathes taken away and I still enjoy it till now.