Monday, March 4, 2013

Berlin.. a trip of Salvation 1

When I was informed about my trip to Berlin, I was overwhelmed, I did not think about how valuable the training is or how much the trip would be, I was thinking about the hours I need to teach and the schedule that I need to follow in order to be ready by March the second. And I was ready everything I prepared was useful, however that being overwhelmed and getting more stressed out by doing unstoppable stuff during 2 weeks in order to be able to travel, were alarming signs: this is not who I am! I don't think this way! I am positive! and I find always a way to enjoy my time! so what is happening to me?
Well, yeah, I feel upset, lazy and that my life and my job have no meaning, I have been trying to watch movies, read books, drink coffees and hang out with friends, nothing of that did work. And then here I am in Berlin, a beautiful city but I don't feel present I feel that my soul is absent, this is way I chose to fight this is not a simple work trip .. this is a fight a trip for salvation a trip that would get me back a trip that would save me and free my soul from stress, calculation and conditional life that I have gave up too few months ago. Things have to change, they are changing very slowly and I still feel that I brought up my prison with me but I know that every day would be a good opportunity to destroy a piece of that wall of stress and useless stuff that I have been surrounding myself with like they destroyed the Berlin wall!
By the 30 of March, my wall should be destroyed and my soul should be freed and the beauty of this city should be seen. That is a challenge, a challenge to keep!