Thursday, October 21, 2010

Clarity Brought to me By Reiki

Clarity is more than a beautiful sensation. It is similar to a fresh air entering your body effortlessly. It feels pure and peaceful. It feels like all energy of the world enabling you to see everything differently. Clarity is safe, open and is above all PEACE. A clear vision and a clear mind were what I felt when I opened my eyes after my healing session. Today is the first time I get a free healing session from a Reiki master, a friend of mine. Stressed, this how I am feeling, lately. And he somehow felt it and offered the session. I did interview him before about Reiki. A healing therapy that I have often read about and even tried some exercises. However, to receive the energy is totally different than reading about it.

Thoughts and words have energy that is so true. However, the universal energy is something else. My morning yoga ritual includes a simple exercise that allows energy entering your body thru your stomach and also allows energy to get out. This is I guess, is differently from Reiki. The Reiki experience took 10 minutes and it was very ‘practical’ because you have to do nothing but to close your eyes and relax. When I opened my eyes, besides the clarity I felt, I was so relaxed and felt so active. (I drove my mom crazy by the way; I really wanted to jump on the table, it did not seem to me high after the session; I also started to dance and turn around. Obviously, mom said that I don't have to do this session again _kidding; she doesn't want me to become crazier than I already am) J

Actually, this session is not, technically, my first Reiki experience because I tried before the free distance healing pictures provided by my friend too. The experience of the picture did not bring clarity into my soul. After staying in front of it, I felt good and relaxed. I felt also relieved.

The whole idea of Reiki is very simple and you can read about it on the interview I conducted with Alaa where you will find also links to his website and to the free healing photos. Some people don't really believe in alternative medicine, while me I do. I think that Reiki, tao te ching, zen and all other therapies or life styles are ignored by the majority for a simple reason: business. For same reason happened the scandal of H1N1. Human health is a big ‘industry’ and anything that generates further income is welcomed, anything else is marginalized.

I loved the Reiki session. And I would love to do it again. Alaa said when I interviewed him that I am not active enough because I have misbalanced energy on one of my Chakras. I become very active lately, so I hope the energy is balanced and I guess today's session helped me to see clearly and be relaxed and active. Therefore, thank you Alaa!