Monday, July 9, 2012

Ethiopia.. a trip to remember (2)

 I was wondering how to start my blog post about today.. But what could be better than “Yod Abyssinia” a typical traditional Ethiopian restaurant where we had our dinner for tonight several minutes ago! What a beautiful restaurant, I was not brave enough to choose traditional food or bread while making my dish, at least not in the beginning of our week.. Yolanda (a journalist with us from Namibia with whom I become friends we spend the day together and we did all things together, I like her name and it means purple flower!) and I chose to keep it safe and to try traditional food the last day!
This is the purple flower:

Then we sit and we enjoyed some of Ethiopian songs and dances, our friend Milion ( from FES Ethiopia) said that every song and dance represents a different tribe or tradition in the country..don’t  you ever think that I did not comment on his name J I told him US dollar or Euro he said no I prefer pound J smart and funny guy!
The restaurant was very beautiful and there were cute kids dancing with the music I don’t know how I forgot my camera but Yolanda was kind enough and she will send me the pictures she took..Till then here is some pix from the internet:

Well there are a lot of things to talk about but I feel so tired to write.. the day in general was smooth and we learned a lot about Ethiopia this magic country!
There is something that caught our attention me and Yolanda: it seems that the whole city is under construction all the buildings are getting constructed strange!  And yeah everywhere there checking points even in restaurants J
PS Addis Ababa has its strange beauty..No comfort or modernity it is modest but somehow magic I like it J