Sunday, September 26, 2010

My New Article on AssociatedContent: Be an Achiever, Not Only a Good Desicion Maker

The purpose of any decision making process is to come up with an appropriate choice at the right time. That is why, decision makers have to be well-informed about the subject, sharp thinkers, able to consider all possible consequences and never panic when the time left is logically not enough.

However, on a daily basis, every individual takes decisions. When we do decide to quit smoking or to enroll for workout, we have already bypassed the hardest part. After all, that is the most important part of any change process. Yet, that is not the common case. Generally, it is easy to decide which choice to make and what is the right thing to do. Making decisions could be easier for us than turning them into a reality.

No matter what is the resolution we take, deciding is a very strong state of consciousness. Yet many people turn into perfect decision makers; they decide to do millions of things, while they have never changed anything in their lives. However, the enthusiasm generated by any decision doesn't persist for the needed time to get touchable results. In other words, a decision is a very crucial moment but not a lasting one.

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