Sunday, October 9, 2011

Me and my Zen Corner

Today, I redecorated my room, I created a Zen corner, where I can spend time with myself. I still wonder why it was very enjoyable doing that. I read a girls' magazine, and I learned some stuff about cooking, decorating and stress management. Then, I played a movie “the roommate”, it was somekinda thriller movie, but I did enjoy it, while eating my chocolate Yogurt. My Zen corner was pink, so adorable and warm. I am supposed to merely spend "Me enjoyable time" there, and I guess I did. It is so much touching and beautiful to connect with your inner self. I guess I have a very cool and radiant inner self :)

It is peaceful calm and happy within me, and all the little things I learned to enjoy lately are turning me into a very double sensitive and caring person and I do like it. I love how days are different and every day is a unique journey itself. Today was FUN, I totally forgot about stress, work, to do lists and uncaring disrespectful people. I was just with me, enjoying my company. I guess so many people will do enjoy it too ;)

Next time on my Zen corner, I will laugh, I will borrow a funny play and laugh. I will laugh on myself, on my life , on the things that seemed important and were not, on people who pretended to be friends and lovers while they were not, I will laugh on my mistakes on my innocent moves, my mean thoughts, and I will laugh loudly all the night!