Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today, I love you!

Today was a wonderful day. I have lately suffered from a low self-esteem. A low self-esteem that created my convictions and behaviours. I was going thru different issues and adopting others' approaches. The result was obvious: perceiving myself, designing myself image accroding to someone else, not me. I am back to myself now. I can see the world with my own eyes. And I am happy.

I can say that I deeply love me. I do believe that all diseases, misbalanced relationships, failures... stem from a misbalanced communication with oneself. Some people don't love themselves. Others are egocentric. It is important to be very open with oneself. Maybe you talk, maybe you listen; maybe you just sit there and be with you.

I have attended once a session called "the pathway of greatness"; the instructor said “the longest journey is the journey within”. Indeed it is. I can recall times when I was not able to stay with me like 5 minutes alone. We live in a society where you are listed last. There are family, friends, people, society, others… there are eyes everywhere, and you have to fit someway. Being alone seems like you have a dangerous disease. That is why, you can hear things like ‘oh you will stay alone for 2 hours, I will stay with you, I will wait with you, I will go with you..” yet, we need time for us to be just with oneself.

It is only when we connect with our innerself that we start the journey of life. All previous choices, decisions, or behaviours are made without. Someone else chose them for us. Life is about your own choices, decisions and behaviours. Only when we can ‘explore’ who we are, love who we are unconditionally and accept ourselves totally; only then we can experience a strange feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

Now, I know how 'se sentire bien dans son corps’ feels. I am content, peaceful and insightful.

I have just to tell you something Arwa: Sorry for past days. I really accept you Arwa the way you are and I deeply love you. You are my angel!