Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All of you matter to me

Yesterday, I went with some old friends to a café near our college. First published article, first trip…and definitely fiends of the first year journalism are the best. I had SO much fun. And I really love all of them. Five years ago, I was, definitely, different. They were too. I still cannot figure out how we can change and keep being friends. Back home, I had enough time to think about that meeting and meetings with people in general. People, people, people are everywhere, can make you feel the queen of the world or just another miserable on earth. "Hell is other people" Jean-Paul Sartre said. Regardless of what Sartre wanted to say, I believe people are hell because they teach us about ourselves.

I wonder how meeting people, talking to people, hearing people’s viewpoints can tell you a lot about yourself. Every human being you meet is able to teach you a lot about yourself and who you, really, are. Every human being you meet can reveal a part of your character that sometimes you were not aware it even exists. Every human being challenges you and can push you beyond your limits. People tell you who you are, repeat complements till you believe them, shape, on one way or the other, your self-image; how much beautiful, intelligent successful you are.

People ask questions:

Did you get a job? Did you get married? Do you have children?

You wonder, are you here to get their things done, or to do your business?

We all want to be accepted, desired, liked and even envied. We want to be noticed on the crowd and to be noticed the crowd has, first, to exist. We need people to feel loved, to know how much they love us, how much we matter in the world, and how much tears would fall if we were gone.

Still, people are so beautiful. No matter happens, no matter they say, we cannot live without them. People show you other ways to see the world. What could matter for you may not matter for them. They uncover the eternal truth: reality does not exist and perfection cannot be handled on earth.

The most beautiful thing about people is when they remind of what you truly are, when they believe in you and perceive you as an ideal person. It is a lot of pressure, I know, but it is beautiful. When you interact directly with people, your immune system boosts, you energy gets uplifted. When you hug people, energy flows from your heart to them and vice versa.

This post is for all people on this planet. Every single one of you is already making a difference, a huge difference. Without you, we won’t be who we are and earth will lose balance. This post is to all people that, directly, matter in my life; to my family (no word can describe you), to my closest friends (millions of thank you), to people who taught me, who loved or hated me, to all those that challenged me, to all who let me know myself better. To people, my heart joins, daily, the living symphony that we are, harmoniously, playing together. We are ONE.