Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Dreamy Girl

I am a visualization expert. It is like I was born with it. I picture myself in all situations, doing contradictory things, taking a different role every time. I have seen myself a billionaire, a top model, a writer, a teacher, an actress, even a hotel owner...Just leave me for five minutes and I will travel the world inside my imagination. My funniest one is to picture myself in a home built of sweet and chocolate. Regardless of how much I eat, it remains the same (renewable home:) Additionally, I love colored balloons and I love flying holding a green one or a rose one. To fly is my eternal dream. I love butterflies because they can fly (and because they are cute, soft and colored. It is true they live for a limited period of time but making me smile is worth living).

Dreams are beautiful (my dreams especially). Einstein, my smartest scientist, says "imagination is more important than knowledge". A brilliant quote isn't?? Imagination is wonderland, where things are not really things. A space where physics has nothing to prove, logic finds nothing sensible, and impossible, gently, commits suicide. It is a self-created space.

I call myself a lucky girl because every time I cannot have or do something, I imagine it. I love that my eyes show me a beautiful world and I love when I close them that I can see a magic world; I can see the real me.

My future belongs to me

Oh, I like to listen to some people deciding my life. You know those who tell you what is wrong and right and how you get everything done. Every single day in my beautiful life, I am discovering that my mind still holds restrictive thoughts. Sometimes I win; sometimes they win but in all times I can handle any result. If my own mind tells me that I cannot and I won’t, how about others; especially, if many among them have never tried to question their thoughts.

We have two eyes to come up with different perspectives, observing any situation. People’s eyes are there to remind us that there are millions of ways to perceive any given situation. They are there to help us to shift our personal viewpoint and enlarge our limited perspective. They are there to tell us that things could be done and dreams could be achieved. Still, they are not there to decide our life style or our happiness.

I have a plan for my life. I know exactly what will be my career, and my life. I know the whens the wheres and the whats. However, we are advisors by nature. It is powerful and enjoyable to tell others what they should do. It is a win-win situation. We pretend to have the answer and generously are giving it to everyone. If it makes their life better we win if it makes their life worse we still win. It is not our life anyway.

I am continuously defending my life, and my freedom. For those concerned with designing my life, thank you but my future belongs to me.