Thursday, February 9, 2012

Falling is not a popular choice!

In another life I would love to be a butterfly. I know it lives for one day, just one but it really lives, it celebrates its colors, flies from a flower to flower and embraces that magic of the world.

I have always admired butterflies, unlike flowers stable and sure, butterflies are free and limitless. They whisper to each flower the reason for which they have been created. It flows like a beautiful summer breeze and never regrets a mistake. What else I would ask to have but freedom? Freedom from the past, mistakes and people’s opinions. What else I would ask to have?

I like butterflies as much as I like books, they inspire me, I know that Osho said you don’t have to look for your inspiration outside yourself, but they do inspire me. I believe in book therapy, words are powerful I know that and what books are but words?

The other time I was at work standing up to go out for launch and it hit me. It always does by the way J it is one life (for the butterfly one day) so why we keep avoiding living? Why we are too afraid to live to fall from the edge like Celine says? We don’t know what waits for us maybe “a solid ground, a hand to hold, or a hell to pay.” Anyway, falling itself is an accomplishment. If studies claim that only 3% of earth’s population is happy and successful, falling seems not a popular choice.

But they always fall, butterflies never miss a flower an opportunity to experience “life”. They just have one day, but they don’t hurry up, they don’t worry they just accept the moment and are always ready to fall.