Monday, August 2, 2010

"She is nothing but a beautiful smile, a smile I thought I could not lose"

"She is nothing but a beautiful smile, a smile I thought I could not lose".

Wait for a moment when you cannot be nothing but yourself and tell me what you really feel about you. It is a rare moment not to mention it won't happen ever. A moment to put them out of you to not be anymore a reflection of what they are.Oh no you are dreaming! It is easy to tell what they think of you which ones love you and which ones don't. It is easy to tell how much people you have hurt and how much people you have really loved. But could you tell me when you have hurt you and when you haven't.

Choose your clothes, put that magic smile on your face and go out face them talk to them, look for them wait for appreciations, gratitude and love. Wait for a similar mind or a similar soul. You know what? You won't find anything of that, you are looking for them in the wrong places and things.

They judge you; they hate you, they hurt you, and suddenly you start to complain and tell me how much they did change you. Did they do? Or in somehow you let them do? Tell me when would you be just you? Could you take off your clothes? Could you stop thinking or prtending? Could you close your eyes for moments? Could you think of YOU, just YOU?

You know exactly how to get them, impress them and make them just think of you. Could you impress yourself? Could you love yourself? Do you love yourself?
Who are you? Just tell me What do you think of you?

I know, it is not easy to answer.

"She is nothing but a beautiful smile, a smile I thought I could not lose.


With his funny colored face, he could bring things together; divide them. No special reasons to suffer deeply inside and put a large smile on your face! Isn't so true that all if us do the same? We hide. Hide everything you know, everything you do, everything you love and everything you have lost. Hide how we feel and why we feel and we are not brave enough to face clowns so we develop coulrophobia.

Unspoken words tell the endless story of sadness and sufferance. Giving up yourself to make others happy; you put back to that Ocean inside any word that might hurt.

You bring to your fingers all colors that a human could recognize. You paint your face and cover who you are. Colors for fun and enjoyment. And then with white paint you draw the biggest smile on earth. One that your lips could not create. Your final touch remains the famous red noise as you tell the world :" No offense, but it is better not to smell you!"

Colors, colors, colors but you couldn't hide your tears and heart; your suffering soul that dances along.

Aren't we all clowns?