Monday, July 23, 2012

Freedom of hurt!

I think everybody is free ! Free to think to do and to be maybe even free to hurt anyone they want..No I did not hurt anyone recently and I am not writing this in order to justify whatsoever I might did. It is totally the inverse.. I have been hurt badly recently and I somehow managed to survive but I am here to write that everyone has the right to hurt people.
I am someone that believes in the freedom of forgiveness and letting go.. but here I am not able to let go.. not able to forgive it doesn’t hurt at all now but I am still not able to remove or turn that page. I am still blaming that person and fascinated with her hypocrisy .He is a phenomenon and I am here to defend his right to hurt maybe it is my only way out.
What I feel is my responsibility it is not anyone else’s responsibility.. No one can decide for me I let him hurt and I maybe enjoyed the victim attitude.. What he did was huge after all it is not descent to play with people’s feelings but what I did was being a pride for envy and negative thoughts eating me up! But until when ?!

It is impossible that one day that person turns to be a friend again but all what I have to do now is acknowledging his right to hurt and my right to not feel hurt.. My mother said you don’t have to forgive him you don’t have to not forgive him just drop him out and don’t think about it! Wise solution worth trying.. J