Saturday, December 18, 2010

Terrorism: The ultimate justification of any policy

An article published by l'Expert on August 2010, written by me sure:)

Terrorism remains one of the most controversial terms of nowadays. Obviously, the Bush administration best diplomatic theory has been a very manipulative excuse to any act. His successor Barrack Obama has claimed preferring to avoid using the term “Long War On Terror”. Yet, he still believes that the biggest threat to US security is the possibility of terrorist's ownership of nuclear weapon.

One of the recent uses of this concept took place during Israeli attacks against the Freedom Flotilla -which tried to end the Gaza Blockade. The commandos who were sent by Israeli government were ‘self-defenders- against some 'terrorists' who used knives and weapons against Israeli soldiers. A world full of terrorists could be a justification of any act. It is simply a self-defence against terrorists in Gaza, Lebanon and everywhere.

Nevertheless, terrorism is not a modern phenomenon or a new concept. First attacks and acts described as terrorist have existed for a millenia. Being such an old phenomenon, it has not helped to clarify or to define the concept. Till now ,the International community has been unable to formulate a universally agreed, legally binding, criminal law definition of terrorism. Therefore, how could countries like U.S or Israel use this controversial concept to describe acts they do not accept? If it is not possible till now to formulate a legal definition of what terrorism is, is it possible to judge individuals or groups on terrorism?

Honestly speaking, there is no existence of a common terrorism but so many possible types and forms of what could terrorism look like. However, it is not about defining it or punishing its doers, it is, obviously, about getting advantage as much as possible from this ambiguity. Knowledge is power and when you know your enemy, you could find a way to deal with him, that is why mystery is not easy to manage. Same for this concept, as much as it is unclear and not defined, it is possible to emloy it in different cases in order to realize various and even contradictory goals.