Friday, February 18, 2011

No One Can Take My Happiness Away

I adore the moment I wake up; life seems very beautiful and everything around me is just perfect. I guess consciousness decreases, critically, our potential of perception and realization; but ironically consciousness is our only way to be gradually detached from the past and future; and attached to the present moment.

A phone call from a friend woke me up, she was cancelling our meeting today; well what we were intending to do was important but nothing in the world seemed like the ability to go back to bed again, then. I guess that I am blessed; this stressing, quick world left few people with the ability to get back to sleep again regardless of duties of work or engagements.

After one hour, I woke up again I finished reading the last part of Deception point. I recall that starting a day with a book was one of the deepest pleasures that I have ever experienced. I promised myself to read all Dan Brown's books. I read, indeed, Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress and Deception Point now I am left only with The Lost Symbol. When I reached the last page, I felt a strange sensation.

Suddenly, I figured the editor in chief and our brief conversation this week, and also I remembered one of my colleges on the Italian class. Well both situations were uncomfortable. Unexpectedly, I understood that people can criticize you as much as they want, they can envy you and try to make you feel less confident, well some people can steal your money and others can steal your emotions but I concluded that no one can steal my happiness. No one can steal my happiness because I am unconditionally happy; because my happiness doesn’t depend on circumstances; and because I love this person inside me and this is a universal truth. Criticism or disappointment won't change anything.

I closed the book and get it back to the bookshelf where all Dan Brown's novels stand firmly except The Lost Symbol. And I took another book to be part of my "before sleeping ritual" it is written by the Algerian writer Ahlem Mostaghanmi I read the first sentence:

أحبيه كما لم تحب إمرأة وانسيه كما ينسى الرجال

Love him like no woman did and Forget him like men do

Amazingly amazing! And a good point to start a very successful day created and edited by me Arwa!