Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My twenties

I am not sure what is the special thing about being on your twenties that urges everybody older or younger to tell you : oh you are on your twenties now enjoy to the max! but how am I supposed to enjoy?

Every time someone says so I wish I can keep being on my twenties forever, I couldn't figure out any other way to enjoy my twenties rather than keep them. Whatever I do, the time will come when I am not twenty any longer. What makes this number so special?

Why when people grow up and reach there 4os or 50s, they always remember their twenties with pain and regret. If twenties are that special why remembering them is not. I cannot see any special thing when it comes to numbers. Twenties are like 30s 40s, and 50s, just numbers.

No matter what I do some day I will be fifty or maybe 100 who knows? I won't keep being 23 forever and at the same time how could I enjoy my 23. Simply, also no matter what I do I won't feel I am doing all things I can. I guess what makes twenties so special is that you are not supposed to do things right, you have chance to commit mistakes, to TRY. I guess that is the most important thing, you have the chance to try.

On 55 you cannot try anymore, you are supposed to be protected by experience now you have to do the right thing! Ironic! When they grow up, people start to accept and stop trying. That is why ,they usually think of their twenties desperately. That was the only space of time possible to try. But who said so, anyone could try. Even if I have 158 I won't stop trying and do mistakes. What is the worst thing that could happen?

To try is simply to live. I once read a very interesting sentence 'life does not come with a manual'. So there are no specific things supposed to work or things supposed to do not. Life is choices and attempts. That way twenties wouldn't be special anymore. You can try regardless of your age. And it is never to late to try.


  1. Life is an experience, and experiences are trial and error, then success. And since life is an experience, we spend the whole of it trying and committing mistakes just to know what works and what doesn't, what's right and what's wrong... so as you said there's no difference between 20 and 100 regarding this issue. However, from 20 to 29 are the best years of our life because that's the peak of our youth, our desires, our love to this life and even our physical conditions!


  2. You are very right 20s are our best times, physically and mentally speaking. Still, I do believe health, youth... have nothing to do with our self-image and happiness. The most important point here is that: it is never too late to live (20 or 100 is the same for me) and there is nothing you can do with time. It will pass like it or not.