Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Dreamy Girl

I am a visualization expert. It is like I was born with it. I picture myself in all situations, doing contradictory things, taking a different role every time. I have seen myself a billionaire, a top model, a writer, a teacher, an actress, even a hotel owner...Just leave me for five minutes and I will travel the world inside my imagination. My funniest one is to picture myself in a home built of sweet and chocolate. Regardless of how much I eat, it remains the same (renewable home:) Additionally, I love colored balloons and I love flying holding a green one or a rose one. To fly is my eternal dream. I love butterflies because they can fly (and because they are cute, soft and colored. It is true they live for a limited period of time but making me smile is worth living).

Dreams are beautiful (my dreams especially). Einstein, my smartest scientist, says "imagination is more important than knowledge". A brilliant quote isn't?? Imagination is wonderland, where things are not really things. A space where physics has nothing to prove, logic finds nothing sensible, and impossible, gently, commits suicide. It is a self-created space.

I call myself a lucky girl because every time I cannot have or do something, I imagine it. I love that my eyes show me a beautiful world and I love when I close them that I can see a magic world; I can see the real me.

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