Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There is nothing worth worrying about!

I was watching some movie, when it hit me. An idea, it is a very phenomenal idea. Don’t waste your present moment worrying about what could change or what could happen tomorrow. That is really worthless. I really love the expression “tomorrow will take care of itself”. That positive thought came at the right time. I am worrying about many things now; and I have just figured out all of them concern about my future. The source of worry is particularly stemming from people who are continuously telling me what to do. I admit that put a lot of pressure on me. Words like experience, career, job, money, business, choices… are actually messing with my soul. I feel exhausted and overwhelmed. However, I believe that everything happens for a reason; maybe I felt that way to write this article or to alter my perspective and to get back my focus on the great things I have in life.

I have really realized so many ‘wishes’, when I have first dreamt of them they seemed impossible but look at me now I have them all. Therefore, I promise myself to remind me of what I have come across and how far I walked on my path. Gratitude is an endless source of happiness, I believe. And as I meditate everyday; gratitude too has to be a daily activity. I just know; it will ensure my positivity and wellbeing. If I just write down (and I did before) or count all the beautiful things in my life, I don’t think that numbers will be enough. I have a lot of things to be grateful for and I know all of people on earth do too.

I am certainly convinced that to worry about something is a waste of energy. Worrying won’t do anything but creates more things to worry about (just using the law of attraction hereJ). However, in addition to my belief that worry is just a waste of energy and time; I believe that it is, meanwhile, a waste of ‘the current life’ of ‘the present’. When you worry about something whatever could be; you automatically drop the present moment. It can be a very joyful moment, but you don’t notice because you are worrying about something that won’t happen (90% of things you are fearful of don’t happen). A worry is a thought and a state of mind that creates limitations and forces you to expect worse. Then, you won’t have time to dream of possibilities, and the worry will grow gradually.

There are things meant to happen. Maybe you cannot help it with them, maybe they seem sad or unfair but sometimes things have just to happen. You can definitely question them and take moments to complain. But you have to admit that you are a better person thanks to them. At the same time, if anything seems to be upsetting you today, it did not end yet. Every end is for your interest. Worrying about things that could happen or things that won’t happen is the best first step toward a successful depression. Simply, worrying includes negative expectations and a negative perception of who you are. Worrying equals the lack of self-confidence and the lack of safety in your life. Usually, we do things to feel safe and protected. We need money and relationships to feel safe and protected. That is ok. Sometimes, we only have to accept our nature the way it is. But if we think that money will make as safe, I can tolerate that. Still, money cannot buy happiness, friends cannot ensure happiness, beauty, career, even health cannot make you happy, and sometimes a peaceful mind too won’t make it till you are aware of it.

Some movements and thoughts are based on awakening, enlightenment and awareness. All of these approaches aim at helping individuals take control over their mind. So instead of you being guided but worrying thoughts, you guide the thoughts to be what you want them to be. Well, sure it is not easy to get there and many people could regret it. Sometimes, when the subconscious mind takes the lead it makes me rest. However, the subconscious takes the lead and follows a programming that might be good or bad; beneficial or harmful. That is why, when you come awake and full conscious, you can choose your thoughts and get red of any negative ones easily.

To make a story short, maybe you have tools to get red of worry and maybe you have not. Still, whenever you worry about anything, remember nothing is worth worrying about. Tomorrow will certainly take care of itself. There still are a sun to lighten your path and an air to clarify you vision and a beating heart reminding you that you are alive. There will be someone dedicated to love you and someone dedicated to hurt you. Life will be always life, and you will be always you.


  1. I couldn't finish your post. Too long! But what you're saying is absolutely true. Why should we worry about something that may come or may not? Are we that sure that we're gonna live until tomorrow comes?


  2. I like long articles; I don't know why :)) I like to write and read them, whereas, in daily life I don't talk that much :)) Thank you for reading the part you read. And so true we don't know about the future but believe me most of our thoughts are whether about it or about the past.
    Thanks again and sorry for writing too long :))

    Now you can read the rest;)

  3. great blog~~it inspired me, thanks~