Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hopeless ... Hopeful

People only see what they are prepared to see Ralph Waldo Emerson

Impulsions, motivations, events, people and circumstances are very neutral. They can be positive or negative, source of happiness or source of misery. No need to illustrate that what matters is your attitude. An individual with a vision can anticipate and imagine how things can turn to be. An individual without a vision will limit himself and his potential to what this moment has to offer.

With an unchangeable past (except mentally) and an unknown future, logically we have only the present moment. Now is our only possibility to be. And being is a state of mind and a road leading to happiness. Now we can love, we can live, we can choose and decide. I cannot decide yesterday I already decided and I cannot decide tomorrow because I will eventually decide. Still, the power of the present moment is lived to the max when we have a strong feeling of appreciation and gratitude. Without appreciation, presence will be destructed and we will start to focus on how things were terrific or how they will be terrific (keeping in mind that when the pseudo terrific moment had existed, we didn’t feel terrific; same for the future pseudo terrific moment when it will come we will not feel that way). Consciousness is the cause. At the present moment we are conscious we cannot be conscious yesterday or tomorrow.

The present can be imperfect can trigger us to feel helpless and hopeless. It is important and we don't have all what we desire want or love. We still want more we still need more. Then the present moment starts to seem miserable imperfect and incomplete. It is simply an incomplete present which leads to unhappy present no satisfaction no conviction and no gratitude.

A present moment can only be lived with gratitude and also with a conviction that it is perfect; it is what you exactly need. Now everything is perfect: dissatisfaction misery, lack, are making the image perfect along with satisfaction, happiness and the sense of accomplishment. A moment is made up of negative and positive; good and bad; good and evil. It won't be perfect if it misses a composing. We need to be late, lost; uncertain, sad, evil as much as we need to be punctual, certain happy, good and found again.

It is very beautiful to live the moment but there are other moments to come. If you don't plan chances are that no one will plan for you. An imperfect present when it is lived should be accepted and treated as perfect. When we plan, we have to consider opportunities and be hopeful because things can change, improve, grow, evolve backwards or forwards. A bad language level can become excellent, inexperienced employee can become experienced.

At a present moment, misery stems from dissatisfaction with a current situation; stems from non- acceptance and especially a lack of a vision. A present moment must be accepted: a present situation must be improved or accepted. Hopeful means you live the moment happily and grow continually. Hopeless means you are miserable already and you will attract more misery. Hopeful has a vision hopeless is blinded by illusions. Circumstances, events, people are not good or bad negative or positive; they are perceived so.

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