Tuesday, December 28, 2010

‘I am’ no ‘we are’ …a concept of plurality!

I was born June 19, so my horoscope is GEMINI. Double personality, moody and changes are famous comments to hear when I say 'Gemini'. I usually respond “no millions of personalities not only two”. Obviously, we don't have a unique version of who we are, we have instead a lot of versions.

I have me who wake up in the morning so hopeful and smiling but can pay one million dollar just for another minute of sleeping. And there is me with my friends expressing my view points and my craziness in levels. With some I feel so free to the point that I dare to be the real me (a hard thing to do especially being Arwa:). Around some I am very diplomatic, with others I am cautious and my sixth sense is putting red flags whenever I see or talk to that person.

There is a version of me in the classroom very polite and a VERY GOOD LISTENER :). There is a version of me while I am taking a walk in the morning: free, smiling, looking to the sky most of the time, noticing the smallest details, colors and gestures. There is a version of me playing around like kids well I walk like kids, smile like kids and think like kids :) That is the kid version of who I am. There is a version of me when I see books, when I will win 546789 billion dollar:), when I dream and when I decide to act realistic which happens for seconds no more.

Well, it is impossible to stick or to choose one of these versions and say this is me. Because this is how it is. We say I am ... but in reality we have to say we are... Every single human being is a lot of people fighting inside, debating, sometimes killing each other but most of the time seeking love, peace and co-existence. I am plural, all humanity and that is the funniest part about life!

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