Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Process Of Learning life!

I am impressed, it always impresses me! The human mind is absolutely stunning! So many times, I just wonder how it evolves, “forgets” about hard memories and keep tiny little details about some stupid stuff from your past. Today, when I was in the Italian class, I wondered while looking to the professor: how I wouldn’t be able to understand anything of what she was saying, a few months ago. My mind was able to put together letters, words, and sentences, and every time I write or talk in Italian, I impress myself.

All the new things that I have learnt recently reminded me of the beauty of any learning process. To learn is a pleasure itself. Putting things together, decoding data that you have never thought you would be able to understand is fun and so reassuring. It tells me I am alive! I am evolving, I am better every new day.

While, I keep learning about Italian, journalism, people, love, principles, I love how every single day adds a lot of knowledge to what I already thought was enough “to be able to live”. Every single day I sleep thinking that I have all what I need to know about life, then the next day I learn something different, new, and more impressive. I know a lot of stuff about LIFE. And even though every new moment teaches me more about it, I still believe that what I know today is totally enough for this moment, I do not need more, and tomorrow I will definitely enjoy my learning process.

PS: I missed blogging so much, but as Jack Canfield taught me in the book I am reading now "The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be” I am 100% responsible for not blogging all the last period :)

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