Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ethiopia.. a trip to remember (3)

Well, it is our second training day and everything was great.. Yolanda and I got to know each other better.. in the end of the day I was so tired and exhausted and I am setting now on my king bad in room 204.. The hotel is very comfortable and I still enjoy staying here.. one of the interesting things that happened today is that I become ‘officially’ a translator.. well not literally  but  I was translating the intervention of a Sudanese colleague whenever he talks! It was enjoyable somehow and I used my languages skills I actually got 2 comments today from 2 colleagues wondering how I manage to speak 4 languages (Arabic – French – English- Italian) they have no idea that I am planning to learn more languages J

In AU (African Union) there  are a lot of beautiful art work I am sahring some here :

PS : AU building was a gift from the republic of China I wonder what these chinese could do more in Afria !

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