Tuesday, September 10, 2013

For Happiness is My Job

I work for a newspaper, I write articles on a weekly basis, it depends on what is going on in my country and in the world. Yet, that is not my job, that is not what I am obsessed with on a daily basis. My job is to be happy, to feel happy to take time out and just enjoy life. Work is part of the whole process of living and I am not the kind of person obsessed with the career thing or inpatient to beat or compete with a coworker. I love my job because it is fun, because I feel good going to work, because I do what I love to do when I love to do it. It is based on creativity and continuous growth and the learning and unlearning processes going on besides to the financial freedom it offers.

However, I am not defined by what I do, my job is to be happy, to make a healthy lunch, to dress up for work, to pick the perfect BB cream for my skin, to post something inspirational on FB to have your cover photo as your goa,l to meet up with friends (we need people to charge our batteries), to read a good book, to take a walk, to write a good article, to study and indulge in a huge amount of papers to review, to watch tutorials and to try new ideas, to travel to be into new places, to meet deadlines, to commit to a new project, to go to the gym, to watch a beautiful movie, to fall in love, to have more friends, to chat, to eat pizza, to learn Italian, to watch Youtube, to sing out loud, to dance like a crazy, to smile, to have your heart beats quickly every time you see a mini-cooper, to promise yourself to be better the following day, to meditate, to clean your room, to make projects, to wear a new bag every day, to teach, to have new students, to attend workshops, to be trained online,  to drink plenty of water, to escape boring classes, to meet your teachers, to take a cub, to hold  a plane ticket..
 There are plenty of experiences that we live on a normal day, you don’t have to travel the world (well it will be great if you do) you don’t have to read a book, you don’t have to invent something, you have just to live .. for life is happiness.

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