Monday, June 7, 2010

A journey of unlearning

Experiences teach you how to be different. You learn, grow and improve what you are able to be. Experiences could decide your feelings and attitudes toward people and meanings. Experiences could decide your perceptual approach and your world in general. Yet, experiences could be mistaken, unforgettable, unnecessary or momentary. You learn everyday newness thru experiences and thru other ways too. I did read once that you can learn, however you are not able to unlearn. Your mind is merely able to move forward and grow, it is not possible for your mind to move backward, not to grow or unlearn.

If you want to change an attitude or a habit you cannot unlearn it, you are merely able to replace it or learn the opposite of it. However, I have an endless faith in the mind. I believe that everything is possible as you have the most sophisticated ‘computer’ in the world between your ears. Unlearning is an amazing journey! You have to empty your cup, if you want to know more and grow. An empty cup is able to receive more. A full cup is already learnt and forgotten. Unlearning resembles to an antitoxic diet. You remove toxic thoughts, lessons and experiences. You learn your own lesson. You try it yourself the tastes, colors, textures. You touch reality, smell reality, taste reality. And, you come to the conclusion that there is no reality no truth except the truth and reality you create. Every human being is unique and different. Every human being perceives the world differently. Every human being lives in his own world and in the illusion of communication.

Dare to unlearn all the lessons and truths you know. Dare to unlearn yourself.

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