Monday, June 7, 2010

Resist or let go?

Resistance has been a term very confusing to me. Does it mean power or struggle, having a personality or does is it a decision? Is it an action or a reaction?

I made a commitment times ago to stop being a reactive person and start to become an active person, not to behave according to external circumstances. Meanwhile, taking responsibility, not to be angry, sad or hurt because of the outside world. I was concerned with creating my own world. Then, comes the word resistance. I believe in letting go, in emptying your cup regularly. However, not to resist not to act seem inappropriate. Letting go could resemble somehow to giving up. They are two different words but lead to similar results. Let go as so many English verbs has different meanings the most interesting one is “to free from”, while give up means to abandon or to yield. The meaning seems similar. Yet, letting go is not inaction. It is however a harder action than giving up. To give up consists in taking no action. It is about facing a desperate situation with no possible solution. The result you give up, because you don’t have another choice. While, to let go is about choice. It is difficult to let go because we have been taught to do something otherwise we would keep worrying. To let go is to stop worrying, to not being concerned with something used to be perceived valuable.

Giving up is not letting go neither letting go is giving up. They are two different decisions. Yet, let’s come back to resistance. Resistance is not inaction but it is a reaction not an action. Resistance means creating an opposite force against which you try to fight! It is exactly the fact of fighting yourself.

The culture of Letting go remains a strange culture. It seems doing the opposite of what logicly should do. When Kahlil Gibran said “ If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don’t, they never were”, I felt it made sense. Yet, what is logic, sense or comprehension! When we learn about something different from another culture or we hear that someone was able to accomplish an impossible thing, we wonder about logic and sense. It is obvious that logic is relative as much as any other thing. Letting go is not that logic because it stands outside the consumptive culture. It does not concern the duty of acquiring. It is somehow giving. It means GIVING your dreams to the universe, to the planet. It is about avoid to worry or to care. Maybe then when you come over that desire of possession and acquisition, you would know the meaning of things and appreciate them better. Therefore, letting go is asking life to come!

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