Sunday, July 18, 2010

The ball that I don't have

Today in my way home, I have seen a little boy playing with a ball. He has been smiling. he was so beautiful and I wanted to stay and play with him. I just wanted to forget about all my duties; the list that I have to do. I wanted to stay there and play just behaving as the work of tomorrow won't come.

I am a positive person and I love that. However, instead of having a positive idea about it. I was telling myself : "oh I cannot play. I don't have time to play.l I don't even have a ball" . Where am I going to play? and with whom? I had just one idea: it is impossible for me to play with ball. I went home, ate and watched TV and forgot about the bal.l I did not think even about how can I do it.

Suddenly I listened to a song that I love. It is Taking chances for Celine Dion. Actually, I believe in every word of that song. The fact of taking chances and trying whatever could be the consequences. I started to dance sing jump and then I have seen a little Pikatshu that I have. He was like a ball I started to play with it throughtit in every direction.

I remembered the little boy and I felt the same. I know that it is not about the things you want to do sometimes they are so selly and simple but an idea that could cross your mind in a moment could decide if you could do it or not.

Happiness belongs to the little things.

October 13, 2009

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