Monday, August 23, 2010

A Break from Life

When I decided to take a break from life, I meant literally to stop living; take the last seat and watch things happening. There were not special ideas of living, it was simply a break. And then I found myself living more. I meant not to love, not to compete or try but I ended up trying more, loving more and laughing more. Perhaps, I took off the pressure by deciding to break my routine. Well, I usually take a break from time to time I call it a retreat or a white week. Just some time I took to relax and empty my mind. But this recent break was the most enjoyable at all. I guess the reason was I was not supposed to do anything I was not even supposed to relax or clear my mind. I just started doing nothing.

I had a huge appetite to live, to do that and that and this. And Then it was like I turned the lights off, shut down the music; like I stopped all my senses, my feelings, my mind and I called it a break from life. I tried a similar idea on my last birthday, I literally did nothing, I spent all the day laying down thinking and enjoying.

I have enjoyed it . I am a believer that happiness is not about all what you can buy , acquire, posses or even experience. Happiness could be just siting down in your PJ with a good book while your heart beats : am the Queen of the world (my heart;).

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