Thursday, August 26, 2010

I love three Souls

No need to think and rethink about how we have this time here. We do the three of us. Yeah, so true a very limited period of time but a very enjoyable one. Life is life just one. But me, myself and I have to live it for three. I don't question my relationship with me. Myself and me are very separate; I mean we are not technically the same person. We are one because people feel so satisfied when they play rational. Yet, we are not. OK, let's make it simpler, myself can talk about me and me can talk about myself so obviously they are not the same. Plus, 'I' is the third. I is responsible for acting and feeling. Anyway, the most beautiful things on earth don't need an explanation. Thanks to Einstein explanation made of time and space deprived me of sitting romanticlly watching the moon. Well, relativity is not always a fun way to think of the moon. Same for ourselves, it is a waste of time to try to understand who are these three and what they do.

I mentioned above; it is a very limited period of time so it is up to you to jump into water or to wait for a better weather. Me, Myself and I are alive, we love and breathe together. And in the end of the day we watch the same dreams.

So if I don't love these three I will become crazy. No one before has asked me do you want to be me or not. SO it is not my choice to be these three. I have to accept them otherwise I will commit suicide. But say I couldn't is there any other solution?

After thinking, struggling and spending years (I mean days) crying, I come up with the Secret (sure my secret I respect all copy writings:) I simply love me, myself and I so much. Be ready for the coming because I know everyone who is going to read this is going to call any psycho he knows:)

I usually picture myself hugging me, kissing me and telling me reassuring words like 'it is ok' and 'we will be fine'. I talk to me loudly (many do by the way). To make a long story short, I treat them (the three) as separate people. Once I was in a concert and I was very sad at the same time I was singing and smiling I am in a concert this what should happen. Suddenly, I looked at the stars and saw me out my body running and coming to me and did hug me. (Am crazy no better proof).

'I love you', this is an expression that you can hear from a parent, friend, partner oh this is the most common expression that I usually hear from me and myself. Crying, smiling, studying, watching TV, they say nothing else but I LOVE YOU! (Am the luckiest person on earth right??). Well, it should be, as researchers claim that 90% of what a person tells himself is negative.(Lucky me)

I don't think that 'I love you' and ' it is OK' are negative.

Was it that way all my life?

Sure no it wasn't. I used to be like anybody else telling myself that I am not good enough, or I need to do more or anything else. What I did was very simple: reprogramming myself. It took me about 2 years (Not too much time) In the beginning it was very hard. But today wow it happens subconsciously. My subconscious loves me isn't cool?!!

OK maybe you are wondering how to do it? well very simple : Every time you feel bad about yourself say that you love who you are! say I am beautiful !I am good !I am special! write it on your MSN status(My old trick; it is making all my friends crazy and few of them like me even more)

Well, fake it till you make it. One day you will wake up loving yourself you know why simply because you, yourself and you won't be happy if there is no love. You, yourself and you, deserve to be loved.

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