Monday, November 29, 2010

"Time is not enough" ok it will never be!

Concerned with living happily, I don’t settle only for what I experience and live but I also pay attention to what people say and do. I am deeply convinced that what you need to know about any person, it is already disclosed by his words. You don’t need to become an expert on detecting and analyzing body language and body messages, neither to be well-informed about a person’ past and previous experiences. Only pay attention to the words people frequently use and that is enough you will learn a lot about their convictions and attitudes.

One of expressions I generally hear people repeating is "I am busy, I don’t have time". You can fast conclude that they lack management and self-control. What causes people to “lose” time is the absence of prioritizing; sometimes they don’t even know what activities are important in their lives. Further, they have issues with self-control; they cannot control the activities they do and also cannot say no to FB or TV. I don’t have any problem with that; I won’t say that spending time on FB or TV is a bad thing or a good one. It is neither bad nor good. It depends on many things. However, what I am not able to understand and I won’t be able to do is: how some people consciously waste their time and complain that time is not enough.

According to what I have been taught and to what I know till now (I don’t think they have changed it yet) a day is 24 hours for everyone on earth. That is fair enough! Einstein did not have 5000 hour a day. All of happy or miserable people yesterday today and tomorrow have 24 hours every single day. I guess the problem stems from a lot of beliefs and behaviors. Productivity, for instance, is everyone's target. Everyone wants to become productive at work but no one thinks about being productive doing something fun, recreating or meeting friends. Working all the time will create a need to work more that is normal and we will end up workaholic if we are not already. Time is always the same, and a day is not created to be spent doing one thing only. That is why; I said FB and TV are not bad or good, it depends. Even though you are watching TV for fun, that is ok fun is a part of your life.

I facebook, watch TV, talk too much with mom and do a lot of unreasonable unproductive things but still I am very productive and I know exactly how to get things done. My secret is simple I live a life and a life includes everything fun, career, family, friends... what most people do is to focus on one part and miss the rest. The 24 hours are enough for a lot of fun and things to do. There is nothing called "I don't have enough time"; you simply don't want to have enough time. And if you think that time is not enough guess what?? it will never be. Some people perceive themselves as victims of everything including the clock. When you move on and stop perceiving yourself as a victim you can truly understand that perfection is madness and that time is perfectly enough but only to LIVE!

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