Thursday, April 5, 2012

HD life !

On my way to work today, I heard a spot on the radio about HD devices and I wondered what a coincidence?! WOW, in my life now, I feel like I am using some HD technology, a kind of clarity is pumping up every single day.

I can see clearly now using my ‘3D’ glasses, life is always beautiful but it is certainly related to people’s attitudes. After months I spent conditioned with what people do or say, I am now free, I read a wonderful post about “karma it says that how people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours.” True!

Suddenly, I realized that it has nothing to do with me, it is the karma they choose to send into the universe, they want to send kindness or harm to the outside world and then I can react the way I want to be treated not the possible reasonable way ‘anger or revenge’.

It is their karma and sooner or later they will get it back (what goes around comes around).

I can choose my karma freely; I decide how it will be and how I make it.

Another clarity point: time management skills that I have been reading about lately are extremely astonishing. Well, I know that time is an illusion and it does not really exist ( I have even written an article about that).It is better to discuss tasks and activity management instead of time management. That combination of fun and productivity and slowing down while doing more are another 3D glasses that I am using now J

Those 2 principles are my way out of my “foggy” life where my conditioned emotions deprived me of my ability to clearly see how amazing and perfect my life was, is and will be.

On my desk at work I put a card in which I wrote “I am awesome and so sweet and special”.

It is just a quick reminder that I deserve to be here on the earth and that it is not about what or how they perceive me, but how I choose to treat myself and treat people.

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