Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ethiopia.. a trip to remember! (1)

Date: Saturday, July 7, 2012
Time: 17:35 Cairo time
Location: Cairo’s Airport
Purpose: Transit for Addis Ababa

I am in Egypt and it is real..This is the first time I leave my home country Tunisia and everything was just terrific. Just few hours ago I was in a plane for the first time and guess what?? I did not get scared.. I enjoyed every moment. Well I needed to remind myself from time to time that this is really happening!

 It is fun to be here, even though I will stay here just for some hours  and I can say that this trip is extremely amazing !
While I am setting here in the Egyptian airport next to my friend Ahlem on a coffee and restaurant (she told me to mention her salad when talking about her.. more precisely her Cesarean salad I tasted it is very delicious !!!  whom I met in Carthage airport) I have this strange feeling I wanna visit Egypt.. I wanna enter the country I can see Egyptian sky and land and I saw Cairo’s buildings but I will be back I just feel that !
But for now let’s focus on Addis Ababa! Well when I was a little kid I have always thought about travelling into Africa… I live in Africa actually (in north Africa Tunisia) but that is not at all real Africa.. I wanned to see jungles waterfalls and African people (native people) native nations..

Yes I am in my way to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), yes I am in my way to Africa.. I heard a lot of comments about my trip and how crazy I am to accept this opportunity.. It is an opportunity and I caught it.. it is a golden one and I am so excited I did accept it! I am not stupid to say no to an opportunity to be in this magic and different world AFRICA!
I walked Ahlem to her gate to go to Dubai! Only when she left I started to feel that the real trip started! She was a good company but she traveled before knows the airport and was helping and giving me all the information I needed -but only when she left and I was by my own heading to G5 my gate to the plane for Addis Ababa- I felt that the adventure is on!
Once I was there in front of the G5 and just after few minutes, a girl came and started to talk to me in Arabic a strange accent most likely Lebanese. She was Ethiopian and travels a lot to work in Lebanon I started to talk to her about Addis Ababa, the weather the hotel.. and I asked her for her name Harag cute.. I said “what it means?” she asked me if I am Muslim or Christian? I said Muslim she said I am Christian and my name means thecross I think it was cute..
Here is my friend Harag :

This is Brokly her friend:

She wanned my phone number I gave it to her and she gave me Harag’s number ..she wrote Harag’s name for me as she is the only one among the three of them that writes in English and their third friend asked me If I can speak Arabic I don’t know why I answered in French “je suis arabe” STRANGE! And if I want to say yes I usually say “SI” All languages mixed up in my mind!!!!
Well after that we went to the plane, my seat was 23 C and it was a cool trip I watched the movie “Journey 2: the mysterious island” on the plane and after almost 3 hours 40 minutes I saw the capital Addis Ababa SO gorgeous a lot of lights J loved it!
Addis Ababa HIT ME !
PS: I still cannot believe this is happening to me

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