Sunday, March 10, 2013

Berlin .. a trip of salvation 3

My first week in Berlin is over, it was full of magic moments, joy and unique experiences. I fell in love with people, restaurants, malls, streets, snow and someone. All the experiences will be unforgettable and this conclusion I’ve come to remains always true: I am life and I am that kind of person that practices the art of living, and I like that.
Lying down on my bad, I remembered myself saying who would ask for “Someone like you” (Adel’s song) I adored this song: the rhythm, the lyrics and Adel’s voice are amazing but I discussed once this idea with a close friend  of mine and I said I would never ask for someone like him whoever he is. I will look always for someone better than him. Today, I listened to that song and I was wondering I really want someone like you, maybe because I know I will never have you.

Well, the idea of feeling this way itself is enough, newness is always  related to travel and here I am in Berlin falling in love with someone I am not even allowed to think about. The beauty of this city pumped from his eyes. But Berlin seems like me shy to show her real beauty,  to make people know how special she is out of fear. Fear that she would be taken as a bragger, fear of being taken as a liar. Well, people won’t believe that all of this can exist in someone.
During the week, I tried Turkish and Indian food for the first time, liked both of them and the salvation thing worked. I put off all that burden I have been carrying, I stopped worrying and I laughed from the bottom of my heart, I cried, smiled and learnt a lot. 3 weeks to go and they will be amazing.

It has been snowing since last night, and our garden is white now, I loved the snow and I am truly in love with Berlin, I can spend a year here without getting back home.
I read a few pages today of the books that I brought, I was lying down on a very comfortable chair, watching the snow falling and drinking some water while I stop once in  a while to think or to dream. Most of my thoughts were about him and most of my dreams were about Berlin.
There are a lot of things to plan, to do and to worry about but I will let things follow according to their rhythm I will accept and I will love!

Here is the view from my window: BEAUTIFUL!

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