Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Berlin .. a trip of salvation 2 ( I met Arwa)

When I wrote my first post about Berlin yesterday I was about to sleep and I've just figured out all the horrible grammar and spelling mistakes I've made. I am a little sensitive to writing mistakenly. I don't want to make  language mistakes. That feeling is becoming stressful especially after starting to teach because it is a huge responsibility, this is why I am not going to correct them I would only accept them this time so please forgive me
Well, today is my second day in DW, it has been so interesting so far, however it was not stunning as I expected not that bright shiny or surprising, yet a lot of people are friendly, there is this anchor who is very sweet and modest. The whole thing seemed doable I really can do this, it is not that big deal. About that feeling I have been dealing with lately everyday in my way to job it is totally different now. Well maybe TV is my thing,  those laughs and fun chats preparing an episode is worth trying. MAYBE!

Today, I was smiling again, Berlin is very beautiful at night, the lights, the old buildings and the beautiful sky were magical. I think I am falling in love with the city and I am falling in love with myself again.. This salvation trip is working and my heart is beating again, I met nice and interesting people  who helped and assisted me but today I met Arwa.. I met Arwa in Berlin!

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  1. Hey girl! Glad to hear you're having a better day. Don't let language get in the way of your writing. Spelling and punctuation are important but not essential. Let the words come first and correct it later!