Sunday, June 27, 2010

Me, Ambracing Myself!

I was on my way to my friend's home holding her on my back. Sweet, cute, black Aurora moves my heart all the way. She has her own way to make me feel that joy and love even though we have just met. We don't know each other that much. I have not discovered all her magic yet. But the first sight and hug have it all. She was on my back like a butterfly or a very faithful bird, who is giving up his own freedom for the pleasure, he wants to be mine. She has that special Silhouette but she keeps her head up watching the sky all the time. A sunny -very hot- day, yet our love has turned it into heaven. I did not care for the weather or how much heavy she was. Every time my friend says I can care it for you, I say no she is my 'daughter' I have to keep her safe.

All the eyes watching her and me together; imaging what a beautiful relationship could we have, made me hold her more and more closely. And, above all, the guy on the library who said:" is it yours?" with a remarkable French accent. I answered with a rosy face: “yes”.

I was wondering how everybody is noticing that special connection between us. She is a 4-year dream coming true. And while my mind is keeping the same thought about it : “You have 23 and you are thinking to play guitar, music is for kids they can learn fast”, my mother and my heart tell me all the way your love is stronger you and her have that chemistry and Aurora will never ever let you down.

Well, that was the first step on our beautiful path. We will share love and acceptance.


  1. I have a brown guitar, I bought it last year but now it's suffering loneliness in its bag. I don't have time to get guitar lessons. I hope you become a good guitarist ;)

  2. Ok, that is really my biggest fear, I really want to start learning as soon as possible :)thank you :)