Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Girl On Her Roof

I was working on my pc and listening to Celine "d'amour et d'amitié", nice song. I don't know why when I listen to any song and then get caught in the middle of silence, I cannot handle it. Therefore, I keep listening to more songs so I don't face silence anymore. I do meditate and I listen to silence. Yet, after non-silence I feel I need more of it. But, this time I did not play another song, it was my dinner time. I walked to the kitchen, prepared some “delicious creation” of mine and then went upstairs to eat it. But I changed direction. I went to our roof.

It has been so much time, since the last I’ve been there. Even though I used to spend hours there thinking, dreaming and contemplating the inner and the outer me, I suddenly, stopped to do. The 90% of things we do unconsciously did choose to leave no place to the roof.

This time, the breeze was amazing, it was like hugging me. I was eating when I noticed that the building changed no more space is left. Everyone is building more and more; a home of concrete. The sky and the sun are the same. The birds are singing, as if life is a party. I can remember when I used to watch the clouds and the sky and imagine funny creatures. The breeze did not leave my hear alone. It kept playing with it. And my rose dress with blue and white snow was dancing with the breeze too. I have felt that I, magically, cleared my mind and my heart. I noticed that another thing did not change there, the little girl inside me. It seems happy to see me back. "A lot of knowledge and books", the roof wonders." You are always the same", he says.

It has been like no years have passed no time and no change. The sky, the sun, the birds and the little girl are the same.

PS: the planes too are the same...When I was kid I always felt that my prince is in one of these planes:)


  1. Thanks for joining my blog :)
    You write very well in English and in Arabic...and you're so romantic too :) For me, my relationship with our house roof has never stopped. I like it at night when the breeze is cool and the sky is clear. I like to look at the stars.

  2. Oh thank you very much :)) Your blog is remarkable and I'd like to read your posts. Thanks a lot :)Me too I adore the stars they are my little secret friends :)