Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Lego Experience

You know that coloured plastic items that could be stuck to each other? Well, maybe you remember that you have played with it when you were young. How much castles, houses..did you build and destroy? Maybe thousands.

Every one for me was a thought a dream and an innocent smile. Unexpectedly, recently, I have bought Lego and I have started to build my old castles again. I still have emotions about them till now even while writing about it, even though I did buy them a week ago. More precisely, it was on my 23rd birthday. No! I am not that old for Lego! Well, I guess all my friends, when they know, will think I am childish. Yet, I have forgotten the last time when I have really cared of what people could think. I just try to realize every idea held on that thing between my ears no matter childish or crazy could be.

However, my Lego experience has overcome the fact of satisfying a non-understandable desire, but it is now more like enjoyment maybe art. The tension, thoughts and feelings I have and associate with building or creating my buildings, have another meaning. Sure, I won't be able to explain it but it is there and I guess having Lego for my birthday has been a clever choice :)

Still fall in love with its colours and possible shapes. At the same time, I still wonder how my Lego experience was when I was young. Sure, I would not spend all this time thinking, analysing and writing about it sure, I would rather spend that time building some dreamy castles!


  1. If you think about what others may think or say about you, then you'll never live your life as you like it to be. if people don't like something, they're free and they shouldn't do it...but NOT impose their views and choices upon us!

  2. Definitely soooo true! Nothing is right or wrong should be done or shoudln't till we decide it is...Thank you for your comment :)